Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Studio Build


October 2013 I decided I need a studio for my crafts as I have no where in my home to work and store my soaps and jewellery. I’ve looked at garden studios and large sheds but I didn’t have the cash to buy either so I decided to build a studio in my garden.

Cash is limited so how am I going to build it as cheap as possible.  I goggled how to build a shed and came across an article on how to use pallet to build a lot of things. I know people use pallet to make decking, but a shed? Yes that’s right. I goggled pallet sheds and found that lots of people do build with pallets. 

First I asked my brother if he could build me a studio with pallets, he said yes so I bought 20 blue pallets for the base and work started 2 weeks later, this is the progress of the work.

Lots of pallet for my studio, heavy duty blue pallet for the base and and light weight ones for the frame.

 Lots of pallet for my studio.

Ground clear and base being layed.

Laying base and old shed taking apart.

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