Thursday, 6 February 2014

Chic Designer Brown Skull Purse Clutch Bag

Brown Shull Purse Clutch Bag, Party Bag, Prom and Wedding Bags           
Be on trend with this designer clutch handbag, Chic Brown Skull Purse Clutch Bag.
This evening bag is a essential and stylish companion you'll want to take on a night out or smart casual wear.
Brown with large diamante skull detail, also available in Black’

Designer Brown Skull Purse Clutch Bag

Black Designer Skull Purse Clutch Bag

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Studio Build


October 2013 I decided I need a studio for my crafts as I have no where in my home to work and store my soaps and jewellery. I’ve looked at garden studios and large sheds but I didn’t have the cash to buy either so I decided to build a studio in my garden.

Cash is limited so how am I going to build it as cheap as possible.  I goggled how to build a shed and came across an article on how to use pallet to build a lot of things. I know people use pallet to make decking, but a shed? Yes that’s right. I goggled pallet sheds and found that lots of people do build with pallets. 

First I asked my brother if he could build me a studio with pallets, he said yes so I bought 20 blue pallets for the base and work started 2 weeks later, this is the progress of the work.

Lots of pallet for my studio, heavy duty blue pallet for the base and and light weight ones for the frame.

 Lots of pallet for my studio.

Ground clear and base being layed.

Laying base and old shed taking apart.

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Grey Gothic Style Skull Studded Crystal Knuckle Clutch Bag

Stunning, Designer Gothic Style Skull Studded Crystal Knuckle Grey Clutch Bag,

This beautiful studded grey skull clutch bag with knuckle studded handle and large skull to centre, a very eye catching, distinctive and unique Gothic piece Ideal party bag.

Available in Dark Grey, Ivory, Brown and Nude

Grey  Clutch Bag 
Brown Clutch Bag.
 Ivory Clutch Bag 
 Nude Clutch Bag


Hi everyone

 It’s been a very long time since I’ve been here, I am up and running again, I’m still selling handmade jewellery as well as fashion and costume jewellery, handbags and some fashion accessories.
For the past 3 years I’ve been learning how to make soaps and other bath and body products which I will be selling on my website so please keep an eye out.  These body products are good for your skin not like the soaps you buy from the shops. They are all made with natural products with skin loving oil all from scratch by me.
I will be listing product as soon as I make them, please LIKE my facebook page for instant information and offer. Jewellery:


Monday, 16 August 2010

New Ventures

I haven’t been here for a while. My new venture with my daughter is on hold until my grand-daughter start school and my daughter finish her studies in dispensing medication. At present she feels it’s a lot for her to take on.

In the mean time because I am so additive to buying gemstone and beads I have decided to sell them .I have set up a shop on etsy and is listing beads. I am specializing in focal Beads, Pendant and Cabochon. My shop name is Beadalicious Beads. So please take a look around if you are at etsy. also please fellow my blog to see what I’ve got in my shop.


Sunday, 4 April 2010


Just finish this bracelet made of lampwork beads I can’t believe how creative these artists are to be able make such beads to get the pattern in. I have seen some they are so intricate it blew my mind.

Any way the bead in this design is by UK artist Sowzere Design, I like her work very much. I started with 5 of her beads wire wrapped them with sterling silver I added my handmade heavy cut textured ring and floating rings. I accented the bracelet with Swarovski crystal Bali bead space and Thai silver charm. The whole piece was then oxidises and hand polish, very organic

This piece is listed on my website and on etsy I may list it also in my Folsky store.

Any Comment is welcome

Thursday, 1 April 2010

Montego Bay

Well, I have been a little busy today, a little creative juice flowing. I brought this ladradorite about a year ago and finally make something with it. Labradorite is one of my favourite stone it seems so magical with flashes of colour. So mystical, it looks like an ocean with the moonlit sky shinning down on it and when the light of the moon catch the water you get flashes of colour.

The pendent I wire wrapped it; top it with cluster gemstone, tourmaline, garnet, isolite,pihrite. The piece was then oxidise to add to the mystical feel or lying on a beach with the moon light shining on the ocean ( eyes close) feel.

I call this necklace Montego bay as it reminds me of a holiday I took in Montego Bay Jamaica.

Sunday, 28 March 2010


                              I have opened a store in January on Folksy. Folksy is a place for crafter sell their handmade good and supplies, just like etsy. I am so happy I only started listing my jewellery two weeks ago and a few days later I had a request to buy a bracelet if it could be adjusted. Well the sale has been finalised and my first customer at Folksy is very happy with it. Hoping for more success here. [Dancing]



I am not very good at keeping up my blog; I need to pay more attention to it. I have being looking at places where I can sell my jewellery as I only had very little success. I’ve done the facebook page, twitter page and plurk; I’ve also join some handmade forum.

There are a few other places I am thinking of selling my jewellery but is worries me of all the listing fee and sales fee. I feel listing on a lot of selling places eat into your profit but I will try all of them to see where I am more successful and stick to them.

Since I join etsy I only had one sale in a year, artfire now but I only have a free account there so that a blessing.


Friday, 5 March 2010


Just create a new blog for a new venture with my daughter. So if you are looking for some unusual favors,

 gifts or a treat for yourself why not subscribe to our blog or fellow us, you never know what you may find. Keep posted for our website launch.